Constant tiredness led to more serious health issues - Mel's story

Moments of extreme tiredness as well as a constant feeling of exhaustion are symptoms of low energy that can lead to chronic fatigue. This is Mel’s story which charts her struggles with chronic and post viral fatigue, the resulting depression and her quest to find a solution to put her health back on track. This is… Continue reading

National Eating Disorders Awareness ~ Come as you are

Eating Disorders ~ Come as you are We see the return of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (February 25th – March 3rd), so we are focussing our blog on the seriousness of this illness.  Many people understandably associate this illness with food, and they wouldn’t be wrong but what we really need to address is… Continue reading

Time to Talk Day ~ Leon McKenzie.

    Today is ‘Time to Talk’ day and it’s all about bringing people together to be able to open up and have honest conversations. We catch up with Leon McKenzie, a former professional footballer who played in all 4 professional leagues for a total of 18 years. After retiring from this sport, he turned his focus to… Continue reading

Forgiveness sets you free

With January coming to an end, most of us are still clinging onto our New Year’s resolutions. If we find we’re struggling with personal promises to be fit and healthy, why not adapt our focus to our state of mind and how this can affect our wellbeing. How can we be more positive and improve our flow of human energy… Continue reading

Obesity: How energy blockages can affect obesity

Happy 2019 to you all from Master Oh, we hope that everyone has a happy and healthy year. This week sees the return of National Obesity Week, which is fast becoming one of the great public health issues of our time. The week is intended to raise awareness of the disease and hope that communities come together to help… Continue reading

New year……. a better version of you?

New year……. a better version of you?  Soon we will be welcoming a new year.  Often seen as a chance to make right the wrongs of the previous year, for some it is customary to make resolutions.  The tradition of New Year's resolutions dates all the way back to 153 B.C. January is named after Janus, a mythical god of… Continue reading

Why Giving Makes you so Happy

  Christmas is a time for presents, family, friends, but if we look at it in a deeper sense, Christmas really is a time for giving. There are so many ways to give, not just physical presents, but emotionally as well.   In this blog, we look into the different ways of giving and how and why it can bring true… Continue reading

Improve your sleeping habits with a Master Oh energy treatment - Marco's Story

Marco's Story Marco shares his powerful story on sleep deprivation and how the Master Oh energy treatments changed his life and helped him to sleep better   In 2000, I was working long hours and evening shifts whilst studying in London. I was really run down and as I had saved enough money I decided to give up work… Continue reading

How energy treatments can help with infertility - Gina's Story

Gina explains how energy treatments with Master Oh helped her become pregnant naturally I had fallen ill through the stress of caring for my Father who had dementia, I had given so much for so long, I couldn’t give any more, I realised I had to replenish myself somehow. I had read an article in Telegraph Stella… Continue reading

Improve your sleep this winter with a Master Oh energy treatment

How an energy treatment can transform your sleep Let’s face it, there are few things in life more frustrating than being unable to sleep. A night of restful sleep gives us mental clarity, physical energy and emotional stability as well as increasing our performance at work. It also gives us greater resilience to… Continue reading

I’m living a healthy lifestyle but I still feel tired

Many of my clients cannot understand why they still feel tired when they are living a healthy lifestyle. Why do I feel tired all the time? There can be many factors but our changing natural environment does not help. Many people live in cities where food, water and air are of a low quality, which means they do not… Continue reading

Five highly effective practices for creating lasting happiness

Creating lasting happiness When terrible things are happening around us, how do we go about create happiness that can be lasting? First we have to remind ourselves that agony and happiness come from the same place – the mind. We have to create peace in our minds for the process to start. I have created this simple… Continue reading

Mastering meditation: step 3 – expectations

I’m concluding my three-part blog series on meditation with some words of encouragement. Some people believe that meditation is exclusively reserved for the most spiritual, disciplined or mentally-focused among us. This is false, as by adopting meditation and mindfulness techniques you can manage negative thoughts… Continue reading

Mastering meditation: step 2 – developing concentration

My previous blog reflected on the basic steps of starting a meditation practice. It’s very normal to struggle with a wandering mind during meditation time. Today I will talk about developing concentration. Without concentration it is impossible to meditate and a helpful technique to support concentration is to focus… Continue reading

Mastering meditation: step 1

I often speak about how important daily meditation is to me. It is through meditation that we can free ourselves of our thoughts, feelings and desires and be with our true essence, which is our spirit. Our spirit exists as stillness and has a very unique vibration. It is constantly emitting invisible light, love and… Continue reading

The thinking person’s meditation

What is the real purpose of meditation? Emptying your mind of thought is not the purpose of meditation. The real purpose of meditation is self-reflection, which leads to self-discovery, which leads to self-realisation. This process of self-realisation not only releases emotional blockages in the body, which are the… Continue reading

Spiritual causes of blocked energy

We’ve spent the last few blogs exploring the causes of blocked energy and today we present the final blog in this mini energy series which explains more about the spiritual causes that may be blocking your energy flow. It’s a familiar scenario that we strive for a happier and healthier life and set out to work… Continue reading

Emotional causes of blocked energy

In our last blog we explored the physical causes of energy blockages. Today we continue with understanding how the emotions that we feel are able to disrupt our natural energy flow and deplete us of our human energy – Qi. Our emotions have a significant impact on our lives and experiences. Positive emotions such as… Continue reading

The physical causes of blocked energy

We spent some time in our last blog introducing the three main causes of energy blockages and promised that we would explore the causes of these in more detail. Today we are going to investigate energy blockages which have physical causes. For example, how our bodies react to certain situations such as stress,… Continue reading

Mindfulness for leaders

Modern day leadership is fast-paced and stressful. Business leaders are inundated with high-pressured decisions requiring immediate action with little room for error. Study after study has shown the benefits of mindfulness. First, let’s think of mindfulness as stopping your thoughts and being in the now with no… Continue reading

Opening your mind leads to many benefits

Opening your mind leads to many benefits Even though we live comfortably with many ‘things’ that are invisible and beyond scientific proof, it is still difficult to accept fully the reality of the invisible world; a world on which all life depends. Harmonious interaction with the invisible world is essential to our… Continue reading

How does Yin and Yang affect Qi (Energy)?

How does Yin and Yang affect Qi (Energy)? The human body is a conductor of energy. We have hundreds of energy channels running through the body, delivering Qi in support of our physical, mental and spiritual functions. Yin and yang have to be perfectly balanced but what is yin and yang? Yang energy Yang energy (… Continue reading

Energy you can’t see

Three ways to influence Qi in your every day life Qi is invisible, but it does exist. We probably know more about it than we think we do. For example, you can sit next to someone and immediately feel uncomfortable. You can sense tension or joy between people. You can feel calm when with people who are at ease with… Continue reading

Is He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) the new Matcha?

Matcha tea has seen a surge of followers due to its health benefits, such as reportedly enhancing metabolism, reducing stress, boosting the immune system and lowering cholesterol, as well as helping longer-term illnesses. However, there is a little known herb in the West that can be enjoyed as ‘tea’ that is equally… Continue reading

Acceptance and how to deal with stress

A harmonious mind flows like water. If we hit an obstacle and we can’t find a natural way round it, then stress is created. In order to avoid stress, we have to first accept the obstacle. How the mind works In life, if your mind doesn’t like something it has to work very hard to digest it. It then has to understand… Continue reading

Meditation retreat – April 27th to May 4th 2018

I’ve dedicated this blog to my forthcoming meditation retreat in South Korea. I offer a meditation retreat every year because I passionately believe that the experience of spending a week away in this context is incredibly beneficial. I wanted to highlight some of the remarkable things that you might experience if… Continue reading

Recharge in mind and recharge in body

I meet many people who outwardly seem to have a lot of energy and find it difficult to slow down. They will often hear advice from friends, family and colleagues such as ‘you need to take it easy’, ‘you can’t do everything’, ‘you shouldn’t work the hours you do’, ‘you can’t solve everyone’s problems’. This type of… Continue reading

The three main causes of energy blockages

This really is the time of year when we need to be nurturing ourselves both emotionally and physically, ensuring we maintain optimum health. Ironically, as the year starts anew, so many of us complain of feeling tired and ‘run down’, susceptible to coughs and colds and with depleted energy levels. I thought it was an… Continue reading

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